#Shoutout: aziatic16

There is a calm space of eternal clarity within your own heart space that is always available for you to embrace which provides a level of comforting satisfaction that is assisting you throughout your healing experience here on Earth.
This healing essence is a safe space of balance that awakened souls embrace when experiencing a barrage of mental activity in the form of endless questions catering to much frustration with life itself in attempting understand the nature of existence through the limitations of Ego Mind.
These projections are usually expressed amongst the illusion in assuming that someone outside of you has the “answers” that will bring you a sense of internal satisfaction, when in truth what you receive that can be considered answers are but temporary pacifiers, where the mind will easy come up with many more questions for each answer you are provided in sensing the endless nature of such a cycle.
Know that there is no logical explanation for “life” as a whole and the nature of the divine that the Ego Mind so desperately desires to receive, in sensing how your expansion and evolution in spiritual maturity and awareness is about embracing the grounding work that is allowing you to sense the orchestration of infinite intelligence more, where you realize on a deeper level the purpose in all beyond the minds endless judgements in not recognizing the miracle of existence in the physical that is unfolding for the benefit of all in this now moment.
by aziatic16

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