#Shoutout: aziatic16

As long as you are operating from the Ego mind identity you will remain defensive in every way, feeling attacked by those outside of you when communicating, where such an experiences has its foundation in fear as a soul attempts to protect the false identity from judgements, reticule, correction, opinions, and other labels based in separation.

Such a focus comes with the illusion of relativity in operating through the filters of the Ego mind amongst its insecurities, emotional hang up’s, and superiority/inferiority complexes in constantly comparing one’s own energetic presence and level of awareness with other souls, in sensing how much outer drama derives from such a way of being.
This sense of division is also reflective in those who are dependent on outside confirmation and validation from others in attempting to be understood and accepted by others, when the path of self realization is about unconditional self love, forgiveness, and acceptance beyond all forms of external dependency in being self sufficient as you realize who you are as Source.
The mind will continue to come up short in attempting to analyze the divine nature of the infinite intelligence within you as God in always seeing from a place of separation, when no matter how “real” this physical illusion may seem, it will remain a electromagnetic hologram of projected energy, similar to a movie reel streaming the paths designed by you, and for you in assisting yourself in realizing the truth of who you are beyond the minds distortions.
by aziatic16

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