#BlackLivesMatter: hesaysshesaysmagazine

Although a wildlife expert and the Zoo’s president says there were no other options but to kill the gorilla to save a young boy people are protesting as well as the prosecutor’s office are blaming the parents of the young child. Whether this child fell or wasn’t being attended to; what had to be done was done. There are facts that the area wasn’t secure and is now being fixed. Okay, a gorilla had to be put down. This is life as zookeepers know, but a parent losing a child should be more important. Let it had been these people protesting child and see how they would handle it. Pay y’all respects to #Harambe and keep it moving. We have bigger issues going on. #HisHerSideOfTheStory #ThisChildsLifeMatters #BlackLivesMatter #StopTheUnfairJustice #MsAct
by hesaysshesaysmagazine

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