Motivation From: nichollsandmorley

It may sound silly to you but if you aren’t building the foundation for your future now, when are you going to?
It’s worth building from now because you can create a foundation of stability for your future as something extra towards what you end up doing as time goes on.
For instance, start building something now that you’ll be thankful for in the future and that may build a better lifestyle or early retirement fund so you can enjoy more time-freedom at a later stage.
I’d rather know I have the option to retire by 40 if I wanted to. I know for certain I won’t because when you get the bug for building a passion / business, you always want to create. But it’s nice to know you can have the option to retire early if you wanted to.
Who agrees?
Double tap if you agree & post a comment with your plans for your future!
by nichollsandmorley

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