#BlackLivesMatter: veganqueenwarrior

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White people prefer to think we’re uneducated. Furthermore, they prefer to think that it’s our own fault. But if we look at what happens inside the country we’ll see that in the most cases school closings affects black kids. As you can see, nearly 10600 of 12000 kids affected by 2013 school closings were black.
So is that really our fault? Or maybe it’s time to change the system?
I would say that it’s quite hard to get a proper education for people in our country in general. When it comes to black people, things are getting even worse. Statistics shows, that 42% of children educated in all hight-poverty schools are black. If we compare the median household income in black and white families, we’ll see that it’s $80,200 when it comes to white Americans and $41,000 when it comes to black Americans. Can you see the chain that includes poverty – inability to pay for education – no chances but to come back to the poverty? I do. I know that we can break this chain and we’ve proved it, but still, it’s quite ignorant to blame us for being uneducated when, first of all, it’s not true, second – it’s not our fault, it’s the system that works in this way.
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