#BlackLivesMatter: ms.victims_of_miseducation

I have tried to counsel people, without no scriptural references, who struggle with this “no meat” thing and they actually made serious effort to stop and just couldn’t. It is not easy, I agree, but nothing worth having really is either, right? My advice, having been fleshless for a while, is to thoroughly #educate yourself. This is key to overcoming the desires to eat animals flesh. Knowledge seriously is power. Watch these documentaries above on these animals be slaughtered with no one to save them. Understand where these animals are coming from and notice how they are NO different from you and your family. Notice how their story is pretty much identical to us being taken into captivity and slaughtered for thousands of years since coming out of Israel. How can you say #BlackLivesMatter or even #ALLLivesMatter when you are eating someone else’s life who clearly didn’t matter? Christ would call the people with this understanding: “hypocrites!” Once you realize that their lives really do matter, your eyes will eventually by opened to the actual purpose of eating and how we should be eating to nourish ourselves and to sustain life and not to satisfy the tongue and belly. The more disciplined you train your mind the easier it becomes and helps you make strides in the direction of #righteousness.
by ms.victims_of_miseducation

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