#BlackLivesMatter: i_am_oc4

Don’t believe me, feel me.. Kill the Ego.. Truth is alive and walks with those that serve it.

Truth is a being, a power, a quality. Truth is the most dynamic way that leads to reality. What is truth to us? How do we understand truth?

We understand that by little efforts to grow. We try to be a little better today than we were yesterday, and we continue to grow a little everyday. But the first step we take towards reality, brings us this contact, that walks with us the rest of the way. The first sincere dedicated effort to live the life of truth brings truth to you, and truth walks with you to the end of your days. This was the idea of the Pythagoreans and Platonists. It was the result of the individual earning dedication by his own dedication. When we do a definite good thing, when we serve those in need, when we improve the nature of our own contemplations, we make an important connection in life, and once this connection is made it cannot die. Once we become aware, once we have given birth out of our own souls to the soul of truth, that soul will live on. When I backslide, forget and lose, transgress, but once we have made a sincere effort to try, we have taken the first step to eternity. We have taken the first step and move in the direction of everlasting Love/Harmony/Tranquility . #manlyphall #iamorrin #iamorrin #WAKEUP #blacklivesmatter #whoaretherealdevils #stopcooning #manlyphall
by i_am_oc4

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