#BlackLivesMatter: cop_block_us

In the wake of Symone Marshall, who died in jail last month in Walker County, Texas, NewsOne remembers other African-American women who have died in the custody of law enforcement officers in recent years.

Marshall, 22, passed away on April 26 following an arrest on charges of possession of a controlled substance and failure to produce ID. These crimes are not so serious to die in the prime of the life… Such disgraceful cases happen too often… Let’s remember once again Sandra Bland and Gynnya McMillen. Many girls, like Darnesha Harris, 16, died even before arriving at the jail. Darnesha was shot and killed on Dec. 2, 2012 after officers fired two shots into the vehicle she was driving.

Yvette Smith, Malissa Williams and many many others have suffered cause of the police irresponsibility during law-enforcing actions.

No name should be forgotten!

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by cop_block_us

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