#BlackLivesMatter: oluchi90

It’s quite sad, that the life of a black man was cut short by a policeman . I believe this.. the role of the 👮 is to protect and defend but lately they have been doing the opposite of protecting. The lives of everyone matters. If you know as an officer of the law u can’t be open, less biased n non-discriminatory. You don’t deserve to wear a badge. Protect our lives n not take them from the ones we love. We need a change. Enough is enough. Our sons, brothers and fathers lives are at stake. The black men in our lives can’t live a life of fear. This is d land of free. But remember this.. what you policeman 👮 do in secret will be revealed in the open. GOD IS AWARE. #BLACKLIVESMATTER
by oluchi90

Available on iTunes!

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